Inside every one of us is a petal.  What we do with our petal is our choice.

We can use them every day to bring happiness to our self or more beautiful give your petal to someone else. 

You can save your petals for a rainy day, then use them ‘until your heart's content'

I will let you into a little secret ..…

I have saved some of my petals over many years, and sent them to the Moon, this is where dreams are made 

My heart gathers petals everyday from simple things in life;

a morning sunrise, a beautiful sunset, a drop of rain, a flake of snow, a drop of morning dew, a rainbow, million upon million stars, shooting, shining in the midnight sky, a whisper in the wind, a ray of sun, a grain of sand between your toes ,a crash of the waves, a first flower bloom, the last fallen leaf.  Magic from the moon, a kind thought, a glancing smile, a caring word, a loving heart, a healing touch, a stolen kiss, a new born baby's cry, a birds song, a purr from a kitten, a paw from a dog, a secret from an elephant, a lions protection, lesson from a wolf,  wisdom from an owl, mischievousness from a monkey      

My petals gather it all ….. more than I could ever describe or imagine, and are sent to the moon.

Every petal I have sent to the moon are now my wishes ……..

Tropical Flower