The Practice of Long Distance Healing

Reiki can send healing energy across time and space


A practitioner connects with your energy you don't need to be in the same place or time to receive Reiki. 


The practitioner connects to clients who are unable to visit in person

this could be due to health, time, distance limitations or like today with Covid restrictions.

The client and practitioner will agree to a time when they wish to receive the Reiki treatment. 

The practitioner will  prepare the same way as they would if the client was there in person. 

The client is asked to make themselves comfortable for the time arranged either in a chair or laying down.

If the healing is being sent via an online meeting the practitioner will be able to talk to the client putting

them into a relaxing state by asking them to take long deep breaths.  If the treatment is being sent at an agreed time the practitioner will speak to the client before, making sure they know what to do.

The client lays back and enjoys the Reiki energy just as they would if they were there in person. 

There is no boundaries for Reiki energy moves through time and space.

For more information regarding these sessions please feel free to

contact me for more information.

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Please Note

Due to Covid-19 one to one treatments are suspended until further notice

Please stay safe