"I believe that all wishes are petals
that have been sent to the Moon"

- Diane Bell - 

Petals on the Moon is my idea of anything is possible.

Moon gazing, sending wishes to the moon, are just the beginning. We all move within the moon's cycles whether we know it or not. My inspiration comes from nature, its beauty and creativity.


My interest in flowers started as a child where my Grandmother would spend time introducing me to her garden, growing and nurturing the tiny flowers until they bloomed into the most beautiful flowers.  My little herb garden and vegetable plot came more interesting when I found that I could actually eat them.  Later in life I found aromatherapy, I am still learning something new every day.


Through my yoga, tai chi and martial arts I became aware of energy, how it flows through the body and around us.  This took me onto my interest in Feng Shui, and how if you placed certain things in different areas of your home, or workplace it made the energy flow freely.


My more recent studies are of Reiki and Crystal healing and how these can help in everyday life.


As my children have flown the nest I have more time to pursue my hobbies, one being painting. 


I would like to introduce you to Petals on the Moon, this is my place where I can share my dreams with you. 


My paintings are all painted by me so everyone is unique, I put my ideas onto paper for you to enjoy.  Some of my paintings are spiritual, and I’m finding I’m being asked for them more and more, so I fill them with love and light through my Reiki.  All of my paintings I bless so you can benefit from the love and protection I put into them.


My Christine’s Angel Whispers is a collection dedicated to my Mum, a little thank you to her for just being "My Mum” as I know she is now dancing with angels. 


The George collection, is a light hearted collection of a mischievous bunny my take on the moon gazing hare. Everyone loves George and what he gets up to.


The Lotus Collection, I have teamed up with my energy work. As the Lotus flower is seen as a spiritual flower I have used it to represent the Chakras in the body. The lotus blossom flower is amazing, such beauty and elegance coming from the muddiest of places.  The Lotus represented ‘Eloquence’ in the Victorian flower language.  Every country has a different name for the flower, each colour representing a different meaning spiritually, white being purity.  My lotus blossoms represent the 7 different chakras in our bodies, red through to violet, root through to crown.


As my paintings and ideas evolve I add new ideas to the collections, hope you have time to take a look and enjoy.


Diane x